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Friday, 18 October 2013

if i am in the shoes of Sonia.....

1.As a leader of the national political  party,i have to set it right for my party. Recent poll results and surveys denote that congress loosing the ground in both,what could be done to gain?
           i may be reasoned in my mind,that it is better to win one region by keeping a promise rather than losing in both the regions by violating it. Even if the promise to the people of Telangana is broken, there is no guarantee that the Congress would sweep in Seemandhra with YSJ and TDP coming first and second in successive opinion polls.So,out of compulsion,i may opt for bifurcation of the state for the sake of congress party... 
           But,taking the cue from reports of  first SRC ,JVP committee,Sri krishna committee and indira gandhi's remarks in parliament---  as statesman, i definitely go for ---
1. commissioning of "autonomous regional development board" to look after the backwardness of all backward regions in A.P. state.
2. to address divisive demands in our country , Commissioning of the second SRC 
3. power sharing rights for telengana political leaders.

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