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Saturday, 7 March 2015

WHATs happening in CRDA REGION IN A.P.?

The duties of farmers:
  •          to give consent application, and facilitate survey and demarcation.
  •     to prove rights over the land.
  •   to transfer ownership rights to the Authority against a guaranteed return of reconstituted plot in the vicinity of pooled land.
  • not to create any encumberances after entering into agreement with the Competent Authority for Land Pooling.
  • to handover physical possession to the Competent Authority for Land Pooling for development.

 The duties of CRDA? 
  • ·         issue statutory receipt for consent application with documents.
  • ·         to allot reconstituted plot by lottery.
  • ·         statutory land pooling ownership certificate [LPOC] with alienable rights within 9 months of agreement with all willing land owners.
  • ·         to handover physical possession of reconstituted plot within 1 year of issue of LPOC.
  • . • to complete the development of the scheme area within 3 years of issue of LPOC.



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