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Friday, 15 November 2013

Sachin Hangs his boots...

It is hard for a player to concede it is all over.
 the skills not gone but faded to the point where domination is unlikely...

Domination for whose sake ?
A player when plays like as any other player in the team, can we afford to drop down that player ?
For get, the player’s credentials ,past history, awards & rewards.
Just see that player as any other ordinary team player. But not as demi god or genius.
When we see with high expectationary prism, our judgment will be blurred .

Sachin’s career has to be divided in to two phases.
One, when he has full confidence on his skill, young , with out any fitness problems ,and when he is in the pinch hitter post without any burden of expectations- that is 1989 to 1998..
It takes him almost 30 tests to pile an average of 50 runs/ inning !
After that he never looks back ,except for a momentary fitness lacunae and robustly maintaining an average of 55 runs /inning.

The second phase is when the team’s ‘weakness covering’ responsibility burdens him along with his own fitness problems from 1999 on wards.

When we talk about sachin, invariably have to discuss about averages and records, because he is in the habbit of establishing the records regularly. Apart from the records, he is in the position of piling the runs at the middle order position with out any guarnteed support of other team batsmen.
The compulsions, as a sure dependable batsman without any guaranteed support from other batsmen made him cut his flamboyance in his strokes and it leads to the most guarded display of skills.

The man in a “team game “ is as good as his team.

Certainly, we cant compare the batsmen of different teams on same scale as we couldn't of different eras .
Every team has certain weaknesses and to cover those short comings - some strategies has to plan, which have to be carried by senior responsible talented player in a team game.
As a opener in one day format, laying the foundation and piling of runs at good strike rate are necessary. What the team needs is good finisher /pinch hitter who has to 
Finish the game on a winning note. If its not happened,what is the value of the runs piled-up by the opener?  The value of those runs is used to be not noticed by common people.
So, let him play as long as his skill is on par with any younger cricketer .
We cant expect same higher standards from a player every time.
If any indian batsman plays better than him, definitely drop him from the team.
We are not here to judge other’ s life.
We are here for justness in all games with some fair amount of fashion & enjoyment.
"see the sachin as an ordinary player from now onwards."

IN 2005-06 :
On the other hand, his one-day average of these two years - 44.28, and 44.85 last year, are in fact higher than his career average of 44.05.

Tendulkar's progression to 11,000 Test runs is some what bumpy ride.

As Tendulkar's career summary shows, one of the highlights of his career has been his 
Consistency in the period between 2oth.test and 32nd.test and 45th.test to 96th.test. And from 112th.test to 122nd.test.
Clearly his decline of form from 123rd.test onwards glaringly noticed by one and all, as he takes almost 17 tests(28innings) to pile 1000 runs as like for his first 1000 runs.
So, one cycle is completed.
From 122nd. Test to 139th.test his average is dropped from 58 to 55.

We have to wait for positive play from his bat.

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